Top 10 Japanese Bloody Action Animes Worth Watching

In general, anime can be divided into funny, love, blood and other all kinds of types. For boys, blood action animes is more favored. Japanese anime has an important position in the world with the innovation and fun of the plot, and is the leader of the world anime culture. Its development model has distinct national characteristics without losing innovation and attraction. Anime is an important industrial chain in Japan and has few rivals in the world. Japanese animation is my favorite, based on lots of animes I have watched in the past, this post bring the Japanese bloody action animes should not be missed. Just take a look at this list and look for your favorite!

1. Attack on Titan

107 years ago, the world’s natural enemy giant suddenly appeared in the world. The humans that survived the crisis escaped to a place and built three huge walls. People enjoyed peace for more than 100 years in this isolated environment. Until Eren Yeager was ten years old, the 60-meter-high super giant suddenly appeared, overwhelmingly destroying the wall. After the disappearance, the fierce giants rushed into the wall to prey on humans. Eren and his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert saw with they own eyes that Eren’s mother and some others were swallowed by the giants. With great hatred for the giant, they vow to kill all the giants. Two years after the wall collapsed, Eren, Mikasa and Armin joined the 104 training corps to learn the techniques of fighting with the giants. In the three years of the training corps, they had a strong mental power that other people could not match in the same training. Even if they had seen the hell with his own eyes, they still bravely challenged the giants, and joined the Survey Corps. When Eren was doing the dream outside the wall, the giant who destroyed the wall appeared…

2. Tokyo Ghoul

On the streets of Tokyo, a mysterious group of cannibalistic monsters are quietly expanding their power in the human world. The ordinary college student Ken Kaneki is dying because of hunting. The doctor performed an organ transplant for him, but the organ provider is actually a ghoul… Kaneki woke up in the hospital quickly felt that the body was not right. The delicious food in the original memory all tasted difficult to swallow. At first, Kaneki wouldn’t be hungry even if he didn’t eat for a few days, but soon, the intense sense of empty stomach began to afflict him. When he realized that the object that caused his appetite was only the men and women who had passed by on the street. Lurking among the masses, hunting humans, this monster who swallows dead bodies, people call them ghoul. When the youth and ghoul meet, the gears full of twists and turns of fate began to turn!

3. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

The story revolves around a series of stories about the growth of the tenth-generation leader of the Vongola(Italian Mafia), Tsunayoshi Sawada and his family members. The descendants of Vongola, Tsuna, were a “Wastewood” that could not do anything, but in order to cultivate the leader of the Vongola family, a killer from Italy called Reborn to teach Tsuna. Tsuna is not willing to hurt others, but he began to take responsibility for protecting his companions and grow into a good leader. What the anime wants to tell us is that not everyone can be a hero, but each of us can become stronger and stronger in order to protect our loved ones and friends. We should work with our family members to achieve mutual protection and grow together.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion

In 2000, a huge meteorite fell in the vicinity of the Antarctic iceberg. The high temperature caused some ice to melt, and the global water level increased. The following natural disasters and man-made disasters continued. In 2015, a new intruder appeared. A huge group of mechanical warfare, which people call “Angels”. The various military weapons of mankind at this time are useless to the Angels. To this end, the political center of the earth decided to reuse the NERV organization, which spent the most sophisticated technology and spent a lot of money to develop a direct control of the driver’s nerves. Not everyone is free to drive EVA. Then three young boys and girls who can drive EVA were found in the world, and people put their hopes on them.

5. K

On the stage of modern Japan, which is subtly different from reality, the young Yashiro Isana, nicknamed “Little White”, is a suspect who caused an incident, but he have no memory of it. In order to investigate the truth of the matter, “King of the Red” Mikoto Suoh led the dance, and the “King of the Blue” Reisi Munakata, led by Scepter4, were all trying to catch up with Isana and conflicted in the process of catching up. In the process of escape, Isana met Neko and Kuroh Yatogami. Since then, the road to the destiny of Isana is rapidly developing in an unknowable direction…

6. My Hero Academia

Most human beings have the power of “personality” in this era, but those who have power do not must belong to the party of justice. As long as the evil appears, there will be a hero who will come forward and save everyone. A boy who is born with no strength – Izuku Midoriya adores hero since he was a child, and his dream is to become a great hero, but can he realize his dream without power? Despite the difficulties, the teenager still does not give up, and moves forward toward his goal!

7. Hellsing OVA

In a supernatural event against a village ghoul, the ordinary policewoman Seras Victoria was attacked and dying. At the crucial moment, the vampire killer Alucard appeared, eradicating the ghoul, and turning Seras into a vampire. She also came into contact with the mysterious organization behind Alucard – Hellsing Organization. After that they took over a dangerous and conspiring task. In the process, events related to ghouls emerge one after another, and another mysterious organization behind the death is planning a terrible conspiracy.

8. Seraph of the End

Somehow, the whole world was attacked by a sudden unknown virus and almost completely destroyed. But only children under the age of 13 are not infected by the virus, and they have survived. But these children were ruled by vampires that appeared from the ground and were raised as livestock that provided blood. The protagonists of the story – Yuichiro Hyakuya and Mikaela Hyakuya are one of the orphans who have been caught. In the face of the unbearable fate, they did not yield and began to plan for escape and revenge…

9. Fullmetal Alchemist

The alchemy is the world’s most advanced scientific academics based on the principle of “equivalent exchange”, the understanding, decomposition, and reconstruction of matter. In the field of alchemy, the biggest taboo is “human body refining.” Because of missing the late mother, Edward Elric and little brother Alphonse Elric who lost everything broke the taboo. In order to recapture the lost things, they began a journey to find the “Philosopher’s Stone”. Even in the slit of despair and hope, the Elric brothers continue to move forward.

10. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

The world was promoted by the waves of the industrial revolution. The times changed, undead monsters suddenly appeared. Wrapped in a steel film, as long as the heart is not destroyed, it will not be destroyed. The person who is bitten by it seems to resurrect after a death and begins to attack humans. These monsters, later known as Kabane, proliferated explosively and covered the world. In order to fight the threat of Kabane, people built a walled city called “station” in various places, and stayed in it, trying to survive. Only the fortified steam locomotives can travel between the stations. With these facilities, people survived. But Kabane got in by their way, nightmare begins…

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